Add a Legacy Scheduled Report

To schedule a Legacy Call Details report so that it automatically sends to an email address or a list of email addresses follow the instructions below.

  • On the left hand menu, Navigate to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Legacy Scheduled Reports.’ Next, click on ‘Add Scheduled Report.’
  • Fill out the Scheduled Report Name, Select a Date Range and select ‘Call Details’ for the ‘Report Type.’ Click on the Advanced Filter if you wish to filter the report for specific groups, campaigns, tracking numbers or other criteria. Finally, click on the ‘Save and Preview’ button on the bottom. This will open a new tab and allow you to preview the report before it is sent out.
  • After clicking on the ‘Save and Preview’ button you will see a new section appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on the ‘Add New Scheduled Distribution’ button.
  • Fill out the ‘From’ field (does not need to be a real email address). Next, click the ‘Create New’ button and add a distribution list name as well as email addresses separated by commas, then click on the ‘Save and Select’ button, which will both save and select the new distribution list you just created. Select a frequency for delivery, a message to be displayed in the email and one or more attachment types (HTML will show up in the body of the email, while CSV is an attachment to the email). Finally, click ‘Save.’
  • You can send out a test email to your distribution list but navigating back to Settings>>My Legacy Scheduled Reports on the left hand menu, then clicking on the ‘Send Now’ button on the report you wish to send.
  • Play the video below for an overview on the process to create a scheduled Legacy Report.

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