Purchasing an SSL certificate (GoDaddy)

If you are utilizing Convirza’s white label service and would like to have a customer login page hosted on your own domain, you will need to purchase an SSL certificate from either your domain registrar or webhost and send it to our support department for installation on our servers. If […]

Move a User Between Groups

If you need to change a user’s access to your account and give them either more access (move to a parent group) or less access (move to a child group) this can be achieved by using the “Move User” button. Navigate to “Group & User” on the left navigation menu […]

Changes to Reports (Coming January 2021)

The Convirza reporting suite is being updated to improve user experience in January 2021. The most noticeable change will be seen in the filters section of the reports. Previously, filters were not visible by default. The new layout will load all filters at the top of the page by default, […]

Setting up DNI

To setup DNI (dynamic number insertion) you must first decide whether you want to use a number pool (used for tracking visitors on a browser session level) or a single number (this option is used for Source and URL-based DNI). Start by adding a new tracking number. If you selected […]

API Request Instructions

The CFA API exposes the core end-user and admin functionality of CFA to make it easy for you to build client applications or integrations with your own systems. 1. Set up an API User Account The API user account will need to be created in the “Convirza for advertisers” (CFA) […]

Tracking Number Issues

If you are experiencing issues such as dropped calls or call quality issues follow the steps below: Call the ring to (target number) that the tracking number is being forwarded to (if you do not have this number, it can be found by logging into Convirza and navigating to Legacy […]

Blocking Numbers (Blacklist)

If you are receiving repeat spam calls from a particular caller ID you can use the blacklist feature to block that number from calling all of the tracking numbers on your account. Log into Convirza Navigate to Settings -> Customization -> Blacklist Add the number you want to block to […]

Downloading Reports

All reports in Convirza can be downloaded in various formats. Downloading Legacy Reports To download legacy reports follow the steps below: Navigate the the report you want by selecting Legacy Reports and then select a report in the sub menu (Ex. Call Details) Select the Export button, choose your format […]

Minimizing the Menu for Small Screens

If you’re viewing your Convirza account on a smaller screen you may notice that some items do not fit on the screen. To help fit everything on the screen you can minimize the left menu by clicking the menu icon in the upper left hand corner. After minimizing the menu