Number Porting FAQ’s

What is number porting?

In the simplest terms, “porting” simply means moving a number from one carrier to another.  In order for Convirza to track a number, the number must be routing through our carrier.  

Is my phone number portable?

By federal law most mobile and landline phone numbers can be transferred between carriers. However, in some cases there are limitations or numbers we don’t recommend porting.  We don’t recommend porting your main business line to us, for example, and Convirza services do not provide 911 location or other PBX functions. If you are unsure, simply give us a call to discuss. 

What information is needed for porting a number?

First determine if your number is portable!  Contact the company you work with for the number.  This might be your phone carrier or it might be an ad agency or another call tracking company; whoever you pay to use the number.  Ask what their porting process is to release the number. Some companies might provide you with a PIN number, and some might provide you with a porting invoice to use in the process.  Please note you must keep the number active in order to port – you may not cancel with your current provider and ask us to pick up the unused number.

What are the Convirza porting Requirements?

✓ Any Convirza service plan 

✓ Active US or Canadian based portable toll-free or local phone number 

✓ Signed and dated Convirza Letter of Authorization (LOA) 

✓ Copy of number setup for all lines that are porting (Number Port Order Form) 

✓ Copy of most recent bill or a customer service record (CSR)

What are the steps for porting?

1-Initiate the port. Send the required documents into

2-Convirza requests the port through our Carrier

3-Approval or Rejection is communicated to Convirza usually within 1-2 business days.  

-Approvals will include the date the number will transfer – referred to as “FOC” or Firm Order Commitment.  Port dates are commonly set 3 to 5 days from the approval date.

-Rejects will include any reason the number did not get the approval, and will need to be corrected before we may submit again. We will share the reason, and if possible help you to overcome the issue.  

4-Number is provisioned in the application, once approved, in anticipation of the port date.  The support team will use the information provided in the Number Port Order Form to build the routes in the app.  

5-Number ports on the date provided during approval (the FOC date) and this is when you’ll start to see calls associated with the number in our application.

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