Q: What are tracking numbers? A: Tracking numbers are simply telephone numbers that forward to another telephone number (your number) which you can then be tracked for advertising purposes. Q: Can I track or find my phone or someone else’s phone using tracking numbers or your service in general? A: […]

Change a Ring to (Target) Number

Changing the target number that any one of your Convirza tracking numbers is forwarding to is a quick and simple process. Log in to Convirza Navigate to Legacy Reports -> Tracking Number Settings From the Tracking Number Settings page you can search for your number using any of the columns […]

Setting up DNI with Google Tag Manager

If you don’t have access directly to a website where you need to install DNI (dynamic number insertion), you can do so through Google Tag Manager without ever needing to touch the source code on the website. The following setup will work for Source-based or Session-based DNI. If you are […]

Google Analytics Integration

What is Google Analytics Integration? Convirza’s Google Universal Analytics integration allows for the combination of online web analytics with call details from Convirza, viewable from your GA (Google Analytics) account. Universal Analytics Setup in Convirza Integrating with Google Analytics (GA) simply involves adding your UA Tracking ID to your Convirza […]

CFA Reports 404 Authorization Error Fix

If you encounter a 404 error when loading the reports page please follow the instructions below for each browser: Google Chrome: On the right side of the url bar click on the three dots that are lined up vertically. Then click on “Settings”. After you click on settings scroll to […]

White Label Setup Guide

Convirza offers both co-branded and full white label solutions to our agency clients. Co-branding allows for your custom logo and color scheme to be used, however your clients will still login through cfa.convirza.com. Full white-label, in addition your logo and colors, allows for your clients to login to Convirza through […]

Webhook Setup

Convirza webhooks can send call data in real time to an endpoint of your choosing. To setup a webhooks follow the steps below: Part 1: Setting up the Webhook Log in to your Convirza account. Navigate to Settings -> Customization -> Webhook. Click the Add New Webhook button. Fill out […]

Number Porting FAQ’s

What is number porting? In the simplest terms, “porting” simply means moving a number from one carrier to another.  In order for Convirza to track a number, the number must be routing through our carrier.   Is my phone number portable? By federal law most mobile and landline phone numbers can […]

Assigning Calls to an Agent

If you use scorecards on your account, you can assign a call to a particular agent from either Reports or the Legacy Call Details report. Select ‘Reports’ on the left-hand side menu Select the three horizontal dots on the left side of the call you’d like to assign Select Identify […]

Porting a Number into Convirza

To port a number into Convirza please follow the steps below (You must already have an account to port in a number): Fill out the Port Order Form If you are porting local area code number(s) sign the Local LOA or if you are porting toll free number(s) sign the […]