Add/Remove Columns Legacy Reports

You can temporarily customize the columns listed in the Legacy Call Details report by following the instructions below:

  • Click ‘Legacy Reports’ on the left-hand menu and once it expands click on ‘Call Details.’
  • Once the report loads you’ll see the basic search, advanced filters, and Column picker.
  • Select the column picker icon
  • You’ll see the following default column selectors after selecting the icon.
  • Check the column(s) you’d like to add to the report or uncheck the column(s) you’d like to remove from the report.
  • You’ll notice that as you check/uncheck, the report will add/remove columns.
  • Once you have the desired columns, click anywhere outside of the column selector.
  • Select ‘Export’ and choose the desired format to download the report.
  • The report will download all columns that were added/removed from the selector.

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