Tracking Number Not-in-Service

What happens to your tracking number when a campaign ends or becomes inactive depends on what you plan on doing with it at a later time. Archive When a campaign is archived, all tracking numbers within the campaign will be deleted from the account along with the campaign. Data collected […]

Basic Setup

Welcome to Convirza! The following quick tips will help you setup your new Convirza account. Within minutes you can start tracking calls and collect data that will help improve your marketing strategy. Log Into Account Access your account here: Next enter your username (the email address used to sign […]

Summary of Tracking Numbers

To view all tracking numbers in your account follow the steps below: Select ‘Reports’ on the left-hand side menu. In the ‘Select a Report’ drop-down, select ‘Account Details’ as the report type. Use filters to find numbers belonging to specific campaigns or groups. Scroll down until you find the section […]

Assign and Score calls

To assign a scorecard and score a call, follow the steps below: Select ‘scorecard’ on the left sidebar, then select ‘Select & Score’. Find the call you’d like to have scored. Scorecards can be assigned to certain different users. The scorecard will only be available for calls within the group(s) […]

Create Scorecard

Scorecards are a great way to evaluate how team members are doing on phone calls. To create a scorecard follow the steps below: Select ‘Scorecard’ on the left sidebar. Select, manage scorecard from the submenu. In the following screen select ‘add scorecard’. You’ll see the following to create and configure […]

Edit User’s Profile

Each user on the account has the ability to make changes to their profile. Users can view reports and calls based on the time zone they desire. They might be in a different part of the world and to being able to view call data and reports based on their […]

Create Custom Tags

To add tags to the account, follow the steps below: Navigate to the group where you want to add the new tags. On the left sidebar go to Settings -> Customization -> Tags. You’ll see the following screen. Type out your custom tag(s) into the text field. Newly added tags […]

Add Comments and Tags to Call Logs

To add comments and tags to Call Logs, follow the steps below: Select ‘Reports’ on the left side of the menu. Scroll down to the section where calls are located. Below the ‘Actions’ column you’ll see three horizontal dots. Select the dots to open the actions menu. The action menu […]

Add/Remove Columns Legacy Reports

You can temporarily customize the columns listed in the Legacy Call Details report by following the instructions below: Click ‘Legacy Reports’ on the left-hand menu and once it expands click on ‘Call Details.’ Once the report loads you’ll see the basic search, advanced filters, and Column picker. Select the column […]

Add Whisper Message New UI

Whisper messages are often used to quickly inform agents at the beginning of each call which marketing campaign the caller is being referred from. To add a whisper message, follow the steps detailed below: Add a tracking number to the desired campaign. Please refer to the Add Tracking Number New […]