Tracking Number Issues

If you are experiencing issues such as dropped calls or call quality issues follow the steps below:

  • Call the ring to (target number) that the tracking number is being forwarded to (if you do not have this number, it can be found by logging into Convirza and navigating to Legacy Reports -> Tracking Number Settings)
  • If the issue persists when calling the ring to number directly, that means the problem is on the ring to number. You will need to reach out to your local carrier so that they can troubleshoot the issue
  • If the problem is only present on the tracking number and does not occur on the ring to number, call our support line at 855-655-8324 with a call example (where the issue is present) no older than 24 hours ready to provide your support representative.
  • You can provide your support representative with the tracking number, date & times you experienced the issue. This will help our team troubleshoot much faster.

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